Great Activities for Kids

Flexible Hours:

Monday – Friday      7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Nutritious Meals:

Breakfast: 9 am
Snack: 11 am
Lunch: 2:30 pm
Snack: 3:30 pm
Dinner: 5 pm

Age Appropriate Curriculum:

Beyond Cribs and Rattles: Ages 0-3
Creative Curriculum Child Development Associate: Age 3-5

  1. Story Time

    Stories let the children’s imaginations work and helps them learn how to distinguish between reality and fantasy, and about feelings and emotions. They also start to understand how the printed word is used. The stories will increase their vocabulary, ability …

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  2. Arts and Crafts

    Every day the children will create a project. The projects are used to teach listening skills, cognitive skills and small motor skills. Their listening skills are promoted through following directions and direct instruction. Their cognitive skills are built when creating …

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  3. Blocks and Puzzles

    Blocks and puzzles help develop motor skills and it provides great fun for children. Each day they have an opportunity to construct something new and design their own structure.

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  4. Role Plays

    The children may get involved in the dramatic play area. In this area they can role-play and imitate adults in many social settings such as the home with dress-up and kitchen, grocery store, pet hospital and post office. It allows …

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